Whale Instant Match wireless and hard wired kit

To minimise gulley suction noise the Whale Instant Match Wireless uses a digital signal sent from the Mira Advance Extra to automatically adjust the pump speed in relation to the flow rate of the shower. No set-up necessary - gives plug and play operation.

  • No physical link required between Instant Match and Mira Advance Flex Extra Wireless
  • Wireless control
  • Shower automatically turns off in the event of power fsailure to the pump
  • Quiet gulley
  • Simple pairing of pump with shower


This Instant Match kit SDP134T may be used with the following showers:

  • Mira Advance Flex Extra Wireless 9.0kW 1.1643.311
  • Mira Advance ATL Flex Extra Wireless 9.0kW 1.1643.010 for hard wired connection only

Whale pumped waste option -  Application

Gravity drainage is not always an option when fitting a level-access shower, for example in apartment blocks.

Whale provide a reliable, proven solution for waste water removal.

Using a small bore pipe, waste water is drawn up from the shallow gulley and raised by the pump into the existing waste system.


Features and Benefits of the Whale range

Robust performance

Hair, gels, grit and other shower waste pass through without blocking.

Maintenance free
No pump filter is required therefore no internal cleaning is necessary.

Practical design
Valves integral to the pump prevent odours escaping into the bathroom from the waste pipe.


May be used with level access formers, screeded floors or shower trays.

Purge function

Once the shower is switched off the pump automatically reduces the speed as residual water is removed from the gulley area. 15 minutes later the pump reactivates to remove pooled water.