Mira showers

Non electric shower


 Mira Select Flex


This shower is gravity fed from your cold water tank and your hot water cylinder or your combi boiler.

The required temperature is achieved by a simple turn of the mixer valve pictured on the front of the shower.

Simple blue and red motifs show hotter or colder to allow you to achieve the perfect temperature.

This quality shower is suitable for many types of installations - please contact us for advice.

Electric shower


Mira Advance ALT


This is one of the Mira electric options which connects to your cold water supply and requires an electrical connection.

The temperature is controlled once again by a very simple to use blue/red notation on the front of the equipment.

Please note that both of these showers have the extended holders for the spray head so that they are suitable for virtually any height setting.

They are usable both as a normal standing shower and just as suitable for those who require seated use of a shower as the height is completely adjustable.

Both items come with the levels of quality associated with the name Mira.